Everybody is back in the swing of blogging and happy new year wishes are whizzing around blogland, so why not join in?  Soooooo a Happy New Year everyone!  As I sit here looking through the rain splattered window with shirts nicely ironed (Mr A will be pleased to have a choice of shirts for tomorrow!!!) and pens and papers lying around, I haven’t exactly been crafty yet in 2011. ‘Oh what about your list of resolutions?’ I hear you say.  Well truth be told I have been for my walks and I have had a quiet time or two, but I just can’t get started.  All the Sun Shine school stuff is laid out on the back bed, and it has diminished, but some of it has done two craft stalls and it really needs revamping.  Key pulls need putting onto zips.  Perhaps a bag – don’t know.  Necklaces need to be taken apart and re done in a different way.  Yes I was going to get to grips with beading.   Ohhhhhhh ……..

What about Christmas presents?  I had the most beautiful purple covered sketch book and sketching pencils from my Son.  Want to see…. well there is the problem.  I have a new camera!  Yippeee!  We finally went and bought one, but I’m struggling with it.  The focusing isn’t quite right and I haven’t learnt how to put the photos onto my computer.  Ohhhhhh……

Ohhhhhh….. what a whining Minnie I am!  Oooops sorry!  So I’m taking yet more inspiration from Sewing Daisies and the bags at Marmaladerose are just out of this world!  And then there are  Vivienne and Val both crocheting and sewing.  I am put to shame!  So without further ado I am off to try something new and next time there will be pictures too!

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6 Responses to Ohhhhhh…..

  1. greenrabbitdesigns says:

    Oh don’t worry Alison, at least you have shirts ironed! I put the ironing board up, got the iron out and opened the laptop, so as yet no ironing done!!!!
    Thanks for the link and a very happy 2011 to you!
    Vivienne x

  2. Mr A says:

    A choice of shirts? – presumably you mean a bigger choice than just the white one or the other white one?

  3. Fiona Jean says:

    You don’t want to rush into things too quickly, Im sure youre just warming up to good start.

    You got the ironing done, thats a major achievement (no matter what Mr. A says…)
    Congratulations on the new camera. That is very exciting. Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful pictures.
    What sort did you get?



    • a-m says:

      I know the feeling. If it makes you feel any better, I’m dreading starting the washing tomorrow because I know how big the ironing pile we’ll end up with over the weekend. I should admit that I don’t do all of it by myself though. My husband and I put off attacking the pile (waiting to see if the other one will do it)until we can’t stand it anymore and then we tag team it and blitz the lot – not sure how I managed that arrangement though!
      Congratulations on the camera – great present!
      a-m x

  4. a-m says:

    I like ‘smile’ much better than ‘complete’! thanks!

  5. val says:

    Good Morning Alison! and a Happy and Creative New Year to you :0) I am sure that just as soon as the pesky camera is sorted out we shall have beautiful photos to grace your blog. Actually I hardly iron anything! Except the bits of scraps of Kaffe Fassett that I am playing with at the moment ….. much more enjoyable than shirts! Though perhaps Mr. A wouldn’t agree.
    Have a lovely week Alison ….
    love Val xx

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