With the end of the year and Christmas approaching, I have been thinking.  Thinking about what I want to do.  Praying also about where I should be going.  Aims and objectives.  Routes and directions.  Life is full of turning points and I know I don’t always make the most out of them, so next year with God’s help I am going to be turning and doing!!

Sewing Daisies set herself some goals at the beginning of last year, to get to grips with crochet and make 24 Sew Hip projects and she has done it – well nearly.  Marmalade Rose set up her 20 minute group to which I joined and on the whole we stuck to our 20 minute a day rule.  Two very inspiring ladies.  So my crafting thoughts are working overtime.  I crochet, yes.  I knit, yes.  I sew, mmmmmm….  I dabble in alsorts of other crafts, yes.  But I wouldn’t call myself an expert.  So aim number 1 is to continue with my 20 minute sessions, perhaps moving them up to 30 minutes, and within that 30 minutes I will learn how to………  Shhh I’m thinking!!!

OOOOooooo light bulb moment!  Gardening.  I like my garden but it does run away with me, so perhaps I should have a ? minute session in the out doors………  Shhh I’m thinking again!

OOOOooooo another light bulb moment! Decorating!   No that is step too far.  I will really have to think that one through!

Quiet times. Well yes I do spend time with my Bible, but perhaps not as much as I should…. well I know not as much as I should!

Hhmmmmm lots of food for thought.  So you know what I shall be doing over the coming days – thinking and seeking and opening doors.  Happy thinking!


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6 Responses to Thoughts.

  1. greenrabbitdesigns says:

    I would choose the gardening over the decorating. I know we all have to decorate from time to time but it is so stressful whereas gardening is completely relaxing, I can’t wait to get out there again!
    Best of luck with your choices.
    Vivienne x

  2. val says:

    Hi Alison, This is a really good thought provoking posting! I have just posted about a lady called Kristine in Thessalonika who set a target of 50 quilts to be given to an orphanage where she lives, but she gave anyone the opportunity of being part of this great adventure ….. I made four and posted them time, take a look at her blog if you have the time, it is very inspiring and also thought provoking …..
    I would chose more Bible reading :0)
    Bless you,
    Val xx

  3. Angie says:

    Great inspiration to be thinking and praying about the new year.

  4. Mr A says:

    I don’t like the sound of this decorating – it sounds like it might mean work for me, not to mention the expenditure of vast sums of money!!!!! lol

  5. Fiona says:

    Hi Allison,
    I’m feeling you!
    There are SO many great things to do, def not enough time to do them.
    Unlike the others, Im thinking decorating is not a bad idea. Seeing as you could combine it with your crafting.
    Just one room at a time, no time limit.
    And the gardening, yes, definitely the gardening, after all, it was the original occupation….

  6. Snap!!! much thinking been going on over this way too…I love setting myself new challenges, just got to find the right ones 😉


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