Naughty but oh soooooo nice!!

Yes the other day was a naughty but nice day.  The day when something takes you completely by surprise.  The day when something special lands on your door mat.  No not the junk mail, a little package hiding among the junk.  There….

A little padded envelope that makes you frown and think.  And then smile when you realise it s for you!


Yes I was ironing – my favourite pastime, not – when the little Postie came.  What a brilliant reason to stop, and feel… and squidge … and sniff.  Sniff?  Did I say sniff?  Well you do don’t you?  No! You don’t know what you’re missing!  This lovely little package was all mine.  Camera time.  (OK, so the first two were staged, but you can forgive me for that!)

First a peep, and then a rip, and then slowly, slowly does it.  Here we go…

There wasn’t that nice or should I say NICE!  Vivienne, you are soooo naughty but also very nice.  Thank you.  Have a look everyone at Vivienne’s Green Rabbit designs here .  Her handbags are superb!  Thank you Vivienne for making the ironing so much more enjoyable!


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5 Responses to Naughty but oh soooooo nice!!

  1. greenrabbitdesigns says:

    Aww thanks Alison for the lovely mention! You’re very welcome, so glad you like it.
    Have a great weekend. 🙂
    Vivienne x

  2. Lynne says:

    Great reason to stop the ironing. How pretty.

  3. a-m says:

    What a lovely treat! I got so excited watching the grand unveiling, thank you for sharing it!

  4. Yes Alison I recieved my little green parcel thank you, lol. Your little green gift tag is on my pile of ‘to do’ things, I’m a very tardy at my thank yous aren’t I, lol!

    You couldn’t have chosen a more perfect thread, I’m going to use it on a comission I have from TillyRose. It’s jut the right colours.

    Just been looking at your Humber Bridge photos, I thought I recognised it! My family live in Hull so we drive underneath it on the North bank quite a lot on our way to visit. Infact I can remember seeing it being built,(I was only a small child you understand!lol)

    I really like the fan pattern book marks, they look very delicate.

    love Fi x

  5. felicity says:

    you deserve lovely treats Ali, thank you so much for sams card it was sweet of you! i had a little smile, blogging has let me ‘meet’ so many nice people! take care, fliss xxx

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