Safe and Sound.

Well our little home on wheels has been put away and all the things packed up – almost all the things!  We had one final outing in the pouring rain, visiting friends for a special birthday party.  Although we travelled and set up in the rain and travelled home again in the rain, the Saturday was beautiful.  So beautiful we ventured to the visitor centre of this bridge…..

Isn’t it beautiful?  Soooo elegant and streamlined.  Sitting pretty in the gorgeous sunshine.  The Humber Bridge is a classic.  A real feat of engineering.

Look at the wispy clouds.  It really was a pleasant day to stroll along the banks.  I hadn’t realised the river was so wide.

You forget you know as you get older!!!   But we danced the night away – not true – we watched others dance the night away! and had a good time with our friends.  Happy birthday Mr C!

On the crafting front I have taken stock of the Sun Shine School items and the back bed is again strewn with little goodies.  I am toying with the idea of holding the sale on an evening, with a fire in the grate and mulled wine and cider and nibbles.  Will people want to turn out in the evening?  Hmmm…. food for thought.  I still have a month to go to think and craft.

I have been busy with the hook for my twenty minutes sessions.  My knee has been playing up again.  Own fault.  Sat with my legs up underneath me in the caravan!  Silly girl!  So my time has been spent with feet up on a stool and attic24 bag with wool and cotton beside me, hooking away.  I think Lucy would like my rainbow coaster set…..

The jug mat needs blocking, but I was quite pleased with little mats.  Then I stumbled across a fan pattern for some book marks.  Working with the pearlised cotton was a bit fiddley at first, but as Inspector Barnaby solved his case, my fingers got used to holding something so fine….

One green and one purple…

Peach, pink and white to follow.  Some how I don’t think my eyes would cope with the black!!!   Nothing to do with age you know, the light!!!  A couple of hours saw this weird and wonderful scarf appear…

I saw the yarn in Heath’s Country Store when I was out and about choosing giveaway gifts and just had to have a go…

Can you see the stitches in the middle?  The ribbon comes in a normal ball but you open out and knit into its edge.  Very strange  but fun.  I won’t be making any more, and this one is going to a bring and buy accessory sale for the Pakistan Flood appeal, but I’m pleased I had a go.

So that’s all folks as they say.  Enjoy your weekend, and by the way, the said giveaways have left their base, as some of you already know!


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3 Responses to Safe and Sound.

  1. greenrabbitdesigns says:

    Love the coaster set Alison, really colourful and as for the bookmarks they are REALLY pretty!!
    He’s a clever chap that Inspector Barnaby, isn’t he?
    Thanks again ever so much Alison for the lovely gift, I was so pleased!
    Have a lovely weekend. 🙂
    Vivienne x

  2. Lynne says:

    I think I’ve seen the ribbon/yarn you’re on about. I was tempted to buy some, but then came to my senses. I love the coasters. Those are very pretty bookmarks, unusual.

  3. Pattygloria says:

    That suspension bridge is impressive.I like your rainbow coasters,jar mat and the ruffle scarf. Those pearlised cotton bookmarks are stunning, can’t wait to see them in the other colours.
    I’ll let you know when my pretty package arrive. :o)

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