Golden Oldies.

The beautiful sunshine can really add to an event.  What could be better than wandering around in the bright sunshine listening to the steam organs and watching the pistons move gracefully back and forth.  Bank Holiday Monday proved to be such an occasion.  As we got out of the car and ambled our way up the field the whistles and flutes with an occasional clash of symbols greeted us.  We both looked at each other and said ‘Dad would have loved this and cried!’  Dad was a real sentimental softie, moved to tears at the drop of a hat and these organs and steam engines would have been the ‘drop’!!  Don’t you just love them….

sitting there just puffing away….

lumbering around, pulling trees after them….

making little water wheels go….

adding to the atmosphere at the fun of the fair…

The ambling continued through cars…

a bright PURPLE  Bubble car – how fab is that!?…  and then a van too!

Vans lead into bicycles, with Mr A’s butcher’s bike!

Yes he really did ride one of those every Saturday morning, and he isn’t that old either!!

Fire engines, lorries, prams…. the list is endless.  I was snap snap snap happy!!!  A world full of colour and pattern and noise.  But I’ll leave some more for another day!  We enjoyed our afternoon, soaking up the atmosphere, before wending our weary way back home for a cuppa and a piece of cake – remember carrot cake for me and battenberg for Mr A!!! – and a bit of knitting.  What did I knit?  Blobs!!  Five of them.  A bevy of blobs!  All stuffed and packed into their basket but just popping out to say ‘hello’.

Peeping round the corner for his friends…

calling them to come on parade….

standing to attention before jumping back into their home…

The Blobs!!

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1 Response to Golden Oldies.

  1. Julie says:

    Wow purple bubble car!!! I like the blobs too – they are very cute.

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