Yoohoo!  I’m here!  I’m back!  All rested and raring to go.  I always feel that September is the start of the year.  A hang up from when I was teaching I suppose.  But that feeling is here again.  Start a new, a fresh.  A chance to wipe the slate clean and throw myself into things a new!  And looking back through the archives, it is nearly two years ago that alisonb2 came into the world – the blogging world.  So this needs celebrating, with a little giveaway.  Watch this space for the clues!!  It also means an update.  A make over and I have been browsing around for the new look.  I like things crisp and clear, with a little bit of interest.  One or two lay outs have jumped out at me,  – I’m not clever enough to make one up – but I’m not quite sure which to go for.  So the giveaway will tie into the introduction of a new me!  A new alisonb2!

But where have I been to recharge my batteries, to gather my thoughts and push out this new boat?  Well a spot of ‘little’ homing!  Playing at houses in our home from home!   Yes we’ve been away to Shropshire in the caravan.  Ooooooo I do love my little home on wheels.  I love to sit and feel all cosy.  I love getting the spotty mugs out….

Sitting under bright blue skies….

Sitting with a magazine and cappuccino…

and yes a piece of carrot cake.  Mr A always has a piece of Battenburg!!  I love to sit with my feet up and a spot of crafting around.  Knitting was the order of the day…

A multitude of Rainbow Pockets for the Rainbow Babies – well five!!  And I love my bag with all the wools….

as long as these little fellows are near by, which they usually are when we are camping….

I’m not a great crisp eater but I do like the red little fellows!  And then there are the times when I can sit and think and read for my quiet times.  Spending time with and thanking God for the moments…….  And then we get going again and visit things and places.  So a sneak preview of what’s to come….

See you tomorrow!!!

About alisonb2

A Christian Mum who crafts
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2 Responses to Yoohoo!

  1. Angie says:

    Hi Alison! Always nice to see a post from you. I like your spotty mugs. And, what a gorgeous bridge! — One can envision knights and ladies crossing on horseback.

  2. val says:

    Hi Alison, I am so glad you are back. I am intrigued as to the new look Alisonb2 …. can’t wait to see. So nice to have a little home on wheels, we used to have one years ago and I loved it too. Sad to say I didn’t have lovely spotty mugs like yours, they are gorgeous :0)
    So good to have you back and all raring to go!
    Blessings, Val xx

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