Just a walk.

We were promised sunshine and heavy showers on Saturday, but by mid afternoon it was sunshine at every turn.  We had needed a break and you know how it is, when at home all those little jobs just jump out at you and shout ‘I need doing!’  What do you do?  You do them and the rest, the break, disappears into the distance.  Well when you’re away there are no little jobs visible.  You can sit and read the paper, or a book, or sew and knit to your heart’s content.  So we went away.  Not far, but away and boy did it do us good!!  Come the afternoon I was ready to do a gentle walk.  A gentle walk that is up a slope….

I wanted to see what was at the top.  What was just over the brow of the hill.  Best foot forward we were off….

…my trusty little camera and me.  (I know, I know.  I am going to change it, but I’m still doing the research!  I basically don’t know what to buy!)  Anyway, we were side tracked.  Side tracked to snap and focus on these little beauties….

Ox-eyed Daisies and Bird’s Foot Trefoil…

Clover and Thistles…

Hover Flies and tracks…

Then before I realised the top of the hill had moved and there was a statue to focus on.

There right in the middle.  It doesn’t look much but it was enough to revive my steps and in no time at all I was face to face with this man.

He is in silhouette, but this miner reminds us of the use of the area.  The nature area is on the site of Silverhill Colliery and gives brilliant views of the countryside.

That’s Hardwick Hall nestled in the trees.  You can see for miles.

Reluctantly I turned and ambled my way down, listening to the Grasshoppers and spying a new flower to photo…

I think it is Rosebay Willow Herb.  Back at the bottom, sitting and lazing the rest of the day away with Mr. A, we marvelled at these beautiful skies….

A beautiful end to the day.

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1 Response to Just a walk.

  1. val says:

    Oh Alison, thank you for taking me on your walk …. and I didn’t even have to leave the sofa! I loved going up your hill with you, seeing all my favourite wild flowers ….. but the see the coal miner was something very special. My Dad was a coal miner in the Barnsley area and I am very proud of him and of that era and kind of work. I think it is a very commendable thing that someone has put the statue there for people to wonder and ponder just what it was like and how much the country depended upon such courageous men.
    But to finish with God’s amazing clouds …. wow! That was a sight.
    Enjoy whatever else you are up to with Mr. A!

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