A little light reading.

Yes I have been to the library again and they had a selection of new craft books!  A lot of new try before you buy books!!  So my bag was very heavy on the way home!  Naughty or what!?!  I have started thinking of things to make for the November Sun Shine evening and needed to some new inspiration.  I can get a lot of the inspiration to have a go from all my blogland friends, but  I don’t like to take an idea and make it mine without asking first.  So the books are good for getting the ball rolling.  A little card making, needle felting, crochet and patchwork….

Don’t you just love the picture on the front of the top book.  Bright and bold and very in your face….

A book full of Fat Quarter bags and purses.  Now I have a whole load of Fat Quarters neatly folded in a basket.  They are dipped into every now and then but I never feel as if I do them justice.  I love to look at them and touch them, but am always at a loss as to what to actually do with them.  They cry out a quilt, but I just don’t have the confidence to make a proper one.  I need to practise first and this book is full of things to practise on…..

Bags and purses with handles and drawstrings.  Zips and pockets and….

gussets and  then I spied this in the bottom corner….

It matched my latest Fat Quarter bundle exactly!!  Mum-in-law found this striking little bundle while shopping….

All black and white and crisp, with dots and squares and teeny tiny paisley swirls….

The brain is starting to whirrrrrrrr and creak and just the beginnings of an idea coming together.  So watch this space as they say!!  But I am also jumping up and down because it is in!!!!!!!!!  It is there in print!!!!!!!  I didn’t send it in to appear.  I was asked if they could use it!!!!!   Oooooooooeeeeeeeeee!  From time to time I buy this magazine and from time to time I make something from it and they have a Flickr page and well I popped it on and now it is here….  Stop burbling and show….

The said magazine….

and the picture is….

Can you see the blue hippo?  That’s mine!!  Well not mine now, as it was a birthday present and now lives in a school.  But oooooo it is there!  Thank you for making my day Sew Hip!!  Enjoy yours!!

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5 Responses to A little light reading.

  1. greenrabbitdesigns says:

    Wow, you’re in print! How exciting, well done! 🙂
    Vivienne x

  2. Julie says:

    Congratulations on being in print! That’s very exciting. I meant to leave a comment on your last post about the Sunshine school. I have struggled to come up with boy friendly home made crafts. I made a few finger puppets to sell for charity at the toddler group I help with. They did sell but I wasn’t sure if the mums were just being kind or if they really liked them!

  3. Angie says:

    Congratulations on being published, Alison!! I’m so glad for you! Have a great rest of the week.

  4. felicity says:

    your famous! he he!!!!! i wish our craft section would be renewed they’ve had the same books for ages! cant wait to see what you make, fliss xxx

  5. val says:

    Well Hello my Famous Friend!! :0)
    How exciting is that! Perhaps that is part of your answer to “What to make for November” – Blue Hippos with a copy of the magazine on display!
    Blessings, Val

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