Yes, ssshhhhh……  don’t tell anyone, but I have a day to myself today.  A whole day!  In fact a day and an evening!  Mr A is away at work all day – well apart from his lunch hour when he usually nips home – and tonight he is at his Hebrew class!  Yes, that’s right his Hebrew class!!  Languages were never his forte but he is really enjoying taxing his brain and learning how to speak, write, and read this complicated language.  So good on you Mr A!!!  But it means that Wednesday night is a ‘me’ night and today I get a ‘me’ day too!

So what will I be doing on my ‘me’ day?  Well there is the usual – washing, ironing – of which there is a mountain! – hoovering, tidying, etc. etc……  But there will be the odd 20 minutes to break up the jobs! Yes, yes, yes!! Now, it takes me about 20 minutes to get across my blanket so there will be some hooking going on…

And later there will be some finishing off to be done on the Sun Shine School things. The craft stall is getting nearer.  But even later, I will be setting up my sewing machine downstairs.  Carrying it down the stairs, through the hallway, through the lounge and into the conservatory. Why?  So I can spread myself out.  Cover all the surfaces with fabrics and beads and cottons and silks and….?   And get ready to sew.  Sew some more rainbows of colour…

Cover these books with the fabric from my fat quarter basket…

And turn these stripey socks into the little character on the front of Sew Hip….

Except my Crafty Monkey will have my ‘twist’ to his face!  So I can’t wait to get started!  But… oh yes there are all the other jobs to do first!  I remember!  Enjoy what ever ‘me’ time you have today.

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A Christian Mum who crafts
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3 Responses to Sssshhhhhh!

  1. greenrabbitdesigns says:

    Lucky you, all that time to yourself!!! It’s great when that happens. Enjoy! 🙂
    Vivienne x

  2. Angie says:

    Enjoy! (I just HAVE to start one of those blankets!…)


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