Hello again, we’re back!  Back from a glorious week away relaxing in our little home from home.  We have loved every minute of this time away.  The weather, the places, the people, the views, the supermarket – yes I did say the supermarket.  Booth’s was a haven to browse in and to choose different things.  It was so calm and friendly, and do you know why?  There was no music playing in the back ground. It was oh so quiet!!  No loud voices saying what the latest special offer is.  Just lots of friendly staff who always had a smile on their face and were ready to answer your question. Even questions like ‘Is there a wool shop near by?’!!!! So thumbs up to Booth’s Supermarket and a few of the things that made me go ‘Wow!’

Yes a little bit of hooky business came with us!


About alisonb2

A Christian Mum who crafts
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2 Responses to Wow!

  1. greenrabbitdesigns says:

    All that lovely scenery and some crochet too!! What more could a girl ask for! 🙂
    Vivienne x

  2. Angie says:

    Lovely post. Love the stream and your crochet! xxx

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