We’ve had a few days away.  A few days to unwind and be with family.  A few days of quality time.  Bliss!  We took our little caravan to a very rolling pitch(!) with a beautiful view….

Well if you look passed the other caravans!!!!  This was the only day we woke up to sunshine, but it didn’t matter.  We were away and relaxing!  Just down the road, quite a long road was the city of Winchester with its magnificent cathedral.  Mr A has the wish to visit all the cathedrals in England and we have ‘done’ about half of them.  They are all different  yet similar.  Do you know what I mean?  I took a load of photos, and views like this, could have been at any one of them , even at any parish church….

But it is the insides that fascinate me.  The feel of them.  They all have a different feel.  I had the privilege to work in Lincoln Cathedral for a year.  There were areas that I loved and I used to go and sit and just ‘be’.  Lincoln is quite a dark cathedral, which can be flooded with colour when the sun shines.  Hues of blue, red, green.  Vibrant in places yet soft in others.  When it was first built it was a wash with colour.  The stone work was painted and some of it we would have found garish and out of taste.  But that is all part and parcel of the building’s history and should be remembered.  It spoke loudly to the early Christians.  Last week, Winchester spoke to me.  Yes there were vibrant colours, there were things old, but there were things new too!  It had a warm feeling.  A feeling of love and kindness and friendliness.  A place where I could have wandered all day.  Drifting around collecting pictures of pattern and colour and texture.  Too much talking!  Just look and wonder at the beauty…

Then of course you have to have a cup of coffee.  A frothy cappucino.  One to watch the sugar sink in… (yes, I know, sugar!)..

I love the way it leaves a hole…

all glossy and glistening!

Ooooops!  Did I hear you call 20 minutes?  I did do some craft.  I have a caravan project.  A tapestry.  An Ehrman tapestry that my Son bought me for Christmas.  I have been saving it.  Saving it to wile away a few moments in beautiful countryside in our little caravan….

I’ve strung it on a frame and marked the colours from their three bundles.  And I’ve made a start on the little squares…

Peace…… and quiet…… and rhythmic stitching….. what could be better?

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2 Responses to Winchester.

  1. Angie says:

    Hi Alison. How wonderful that you can hop in your caravan and see these old cathedrals! I am in awe of everyone’s caravan tales and find myself wanting one, even though I have never been much of a camper. I hope to hear more of your adventures. Warmest blessings to you and your family.

  2. a-m says:

    Hi Alison,
    It looks like you had a lovely time. We camped over half term too, but in our tent. I didn’t do my 20 minutes while I was away, so I’m making up for it now. I love your tapestry, are you going to make it into a cushion when you’ve finished?
    Take care!
    a-m x

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