Quick, quick, slow…

This is just a quick post.  A quick post to show you some quick things, that really did only take 20 minutes to do…

A handfull of blooms!  Well they are in fact Alice bands.  I saw the pack of five while shopping in our local supermarket and I had a light bulb moment!!  Ping!!  You know what I mean!  Tentacle fingers just reach out and … oh look what’s in the trolley.  Amazement!!!  Then when I got home  Lucy’s little pattern came out again and also the flower pattern book  and there you have it.  A posy of blooms!  Here  is just one to give you a peek at what I did!

Then we have the slow.  Slow in that it takes time to get out the paints and mix the colours.  Slow in that first mark making.  Will I, won’t I?  Can I, really?  And then once the first mark is made it is quick, quick, quick!  Viola!

The poppies are from the other day.  Quite tight and precise.  I have never really painted ‘properly’.  I draw with a paint brush.  I layer the colours.  It is like when I sketch.  I draw with just one line that has to be just right, just so.  Now my Son sketches.  Lots of little tentative marks that go to make the whole.  Beautiful things.  He is so full of talent.  Where I look and then mark.  No room for mistakes.  I would love to be free in my paint marks. A bit like Vanessa.  She is the main reason I hunted for my paints.  I am pleased I did.  It really took alot to try …

Bits of it I like.  The leaves in particular.  Some of the petals, but I don’t know.   Hmmmmmmm!  So I tried something different.  Wetting the paper and splodging…

The deep purple splodges were the results.  I then retreated back into line.  Sea Holly has to be spikey!  But that wasn’t the point of the exercise.  Never mind!  Oh yes the last one…

Based on a Grape Hyacinth.  A wet base that soon dried and then some little paint marks.  They are all laid out on the table.  I keep going and looking and deciding.  Which one do I like best?  Which one is me?  Tight and precise, or free and easy.  Or is it that mixture?  They will sit there for a few more days until I pick up the brush again to see.

But I did enjoy the experience – thanks for the inspiration Vanessa!

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A Christian Mum who crafts
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3 Responses to Quick, quick, slow…

  1. val says:

    Light bulb moments are just fantastic aren’t they! Yours sure was, the Alice bands are lovely Alison.
    I left a comment about your poppies yesterday and I do hope you keep on with your painting because I think they are beautiful. wouldn’t they make lovely cards with a scripture verse added?
    Love to you, Val

  2. a-m says:

    Hi Alison!
    I was enchanted by the alice bands (they really are gorgeous) then I got to the paintings and really fell for those, you could frame them, they’re lovely!
    Take care!
    a-m x

  3. Barbie says:

    the head bands are truely gorgeous, well done!

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