Time to sit and think.  Time to sit and fill in.  Fill in with back stitch….

Time to sit and sew…

Two hessian carry-alls, with a deep pocket and button trim…

And then, time to paint…

It is a while since these paints saw the light of day.  In fact it is years, so you could say I’m a bit rusty.  Very rusty!!  But time will tell……

About alisonb2

A Christian Mum who crafts
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1 Response to Time….

  1. val says:

    Hi Alison, It is a great pity that your paints have not seen the light of day for so long because your poppies are beautiful! Also I love your bag!
    On my selvedge bag I simply sewed onto a rubbish bit of something and made it into two rectangles, one side is greens and one side red. :0)
    I love popping into your blog
    Val xx

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