A day to….

Yes, I have got a day to do all sorts of things.  I am going to be at home pottering about, doing ‘this’, and doing ‘that’.  A day to catch up on all those things you have been meaning to do and didn’t quite get the time to do!  You know what I mean!!  So, a little bit of washing and lots of ironing are on the cards, with cleaning and sparkling windows, cutting and sewing large things like curtains and also little things like Sun Shine stuff.  Talking of which I have started ‘in filling’ my flower and I am quite pleased with the effect…

I think there will be some 20 minutes taking place in between all the pottering, so hopefully I can finish this today.  But I quite like it.  It may end up on my first hessian bag…

I’m crocheting a long handle to go down and around it.  So that is something else to fill in a 20 minutes spot!  Also I finally picked these little stars off my thinking table – I have said before that I have a thinking table where things lie for a few days, weeks, even months before I decide what to do with them.  Well these little things have now been blocked…

I’m going to make a garland with stars and sun shines to decorate the front of my stall in July.  Yes, you’ve guessed – another 20 minute spot!!  There seem to be an awful lot of ‘spots’ taking place.  Will I have time to potter?!!  But before I go I must show you this…

This is a very large fir cone from a friend’s garden.  I have three filling a bowl with some smaller ones in my conservatory.  Last week I found the other two in pieces and as I picked them up bits came tumbling off.  My beautiful fir cones are not the same any more, but I rather like the new look…

especially this bit…

and deep inside are all the seeds…

Have fun with your crafting!

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A Christian Mum who crafts
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2 Responses to A day to….

  1. val says:

    Hi Alison, thank you for birthday wishes :0) and I had a lovely time in Oxford – part of my present from my son. Like you I was still 20 Minuting! my hexagons, putting it together though is a bit like struggling with an alive thing! It just seems to sprout out in another direction and I think …. Oh No, what shape will this blanket end up!!!!!
    I love fir cones too, isn’t our God’s creation just amazing?
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Blessings! Val xx

  2. Wow, that little bit of fircone is beautiful.

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