Yes we have lights, camera, action!  The problem?  A whole new pack of 8 batteries that were all flat!  Mr A thought it was a little suspicious so he tried the batteries out of the oofa doofa – you know that thing that turns the telly on! – and my little camera buzzed into action!!  Yippee!  Jump up and down!  Dance all around!  I knew my little camera hadn’t taken the huff.  I knew it wouldn’t mind me getting a new one – yet to be bought.  I knew it would like to continue being carried around in my 4* handbag!  So without further ado I’ll show you my treats.

A bowl, full of after Easter Jellies to accompany…

the magazines to read while slurping a cup of  hot frothy coffee, before opening…

a little present from my special brother and his wife.

Don’t you just love the bag?  What with Emma Bridgewater’s bag from the earlier post, I ‘m starting to collect a range of these strong paper bags.  They are so much nicer than the carrier and friendlier too!  Tolo is a little jewellers shop in our village.  She sells really quirky styles and individual ones too.  There, I’ve given the game away now….

She takes such care in the packaging…

Beautiful or beautiful?!

Oh and 20 minuting…

Some ribbon and bead necklaces…

an outline ready to fill with back stitch aka comfort stitching . I can’t decide how much to in fill yet.

Some fruits of the Spirit from my sketch book..

And last but not least, I have been playing around with sticky address labels, marker pens and scissors.  So that is me – Happy as Larry!  Who’s Larry????

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A Christian Mum who crafts
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2 Responses to Mended!!!

  1. a-m says:

    Glad to hear you’re back, and your camera has recovered!
    Beautiful jewelry, before you pointed it out I thought that you’d bought the ribbon necklaces – lovely!
    a-m x

  2. Wanda says:

    I’m glad your little camera wasn’t dead. It is so hard to get used to a new one.

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