The Potteries.

Just before Easter we had to spend the day in Stoke on Trent, so where do you go to while away a few hours?  Well you visit the Potteries of course!  We went to two – the Moorcroft gallery and shop, and then the Emma Bridgewater pottery.  Completely different.  In fact you could say from one extreme to the other.  Both have pottery that I love.  The Moorcroft gallery was just seventh heaven for me and deserves a post of it’s own, so that is what I shall do –  ooooo the line, the clarity, the elegance, the……..  ahhhhhhh!

Emma Bridgewater is just the opposite.  It is funky, quirky, smiley, chunky, love-able, huggable!  Hot chocolate frothing in the spotty mugs.  So me!  Or, cappuccino oozing and bubbling up.  Which is also me!  Mugs that you just have to cradle.  But I didn’t buy a mug.  No.  In fact I didn’t buy anything.  Ohhhh!  No, I was given something.  Mr A treated me!  Ahhh!  Want a peek?!…

Don’t you just love the bag!

That’s the handle coming out of the kettle.  Very patriotic – the British and their tea!

You can see the steam rising – and the side…

Sorry?  Didn’t catch that?  Oh inside.  You want to see the inside.  OK….

There they are, two round accessories to go in my clean kitchen (remember I decorated it a few weeks back).  A big round tin tray..

and a cool biscuit tin…

Just right for ‘fab cookies’.  But I have saved the best bit until last.  It is inside again!!!!  Look…

It is purple!  Beautiful regal purple.  The absolute best colour in the world – well nearly.  The inside of the biscuit tin is a deep rich purple which as you have probably gathered is my favourite colour!!  Thank you Mr A!!!

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3 Responses to The Potteries.

  1. Julie says:

    Wonderful biscuit tin. Purple and biscuits together – it doesn’t get much better than that! We have been intending to visit the Potteries for ages and Emma Bridgewater is definitely one I want to visit.

  2. suzanne says:

    what a nice gift! Love that bicuit tin!
    I collect Emma Bridgewater mugs, one by one,
    and all differend

  3. a-m says:

    Love the bag, and it’s contents isn’t bad either! I love the humour in Emma Bridgewater’s pottery. Glad you had a good Easter!

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