Hello over there!  I’m back. Back from my wanderings.  Back from visits afar. Back from holidays at home.  Yes I did say holidays at home.  I’ve been helping.  Helping at a little venture called Get Away.  I’ve done it before.  In fact I’ve done it twice before.  A little holiday at home for the elderly.  See here for  last times!  This year the sun wasn’t shining but we still had a great time.  We made some great glass painted Easter cards using old CD cases…

and decorated some photograph frames with grout and mosaics and beads and glitter!  I grabbed a bundle of wooden Easter shapes to paint and some sun catchers from Hobby craft which went down a treat…

My friend took in her iris folding card packs which they had tried before and enjoyed.  We visited far a way places on our armchair trips, including a trip to India and Israel with Barnaby Bear.  We listened to songs by the Collingham Singers and our own resident Charli.  She is one gifted young lady – thank you Charli.  And spent time with each other, laughing and joking and listening and crying!!  Yes I did say crying – I always cry at the Easter story!!  But it was good.  In fact it was great and I can’t wait until next year when we shall be Getting Away in the summer for a change.

Photographs?  Did I hear you shout photographs?  Well my cable has gone on it’s own holiday and won’t be back until tomorrow, when Mr A goes to work and brings it home!!!!!  So all photographs will be added tomorrow some time.  If you want to see Barnaby before then, revisit here.  I am also working on a little project with Barnaby, so keep your eyes open for a sneaky peek.  I’m not saying when!!  Anyway I hope you all enjoyed your Easter break and I will be back soon to tell you about our trip to Stoke.  Shall I just say Moorcroft!

Happy belated Easter everyone!

As you have gathered, my camera lead is back!!

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A Christian Mum who crafts
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1 Response to Heeellllllooooooo!!

  1. val says:

    Dear Alison, It is sooooooooo nice to see you are BACK! I have missed you! But you seem to have had a simply wonderful time, and giving other people lots of happiness :0)
    Looking forward to seeing the photos.
    Easter IS VERY precious and special when we consider at what great cost we were bought.
    Love to you for now ….
    Val xx

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