I have been playing.  Playing about with my camera.  In the dark.  In the car.  Yes coming back from Windsor to stop me from falling asleep I decided to play about with my camera.  I wanted to get some shots of cars whizzing by, but they don’t do it!  How inconsiderate of them!!  When you are traveling 70 most of the other cars are traveling 70.  So there is this sedate cruising going on!  Still I had fun trying!!  Here are some  of the better ones….

I like the little bridge effect.  Must have been a bump in the road!

Was that a space ship high up there?

But before it got dark, I saw this amazing sky, and it is partly the reason for my camera being on my knee.

Dad liked skies.  Living and working out in the Fens, he saw and painted some beauties. He taught me to always look up as well as across at the landscape.  To treat the view as a whole.  Lincolnshire, particularly south of the county, is often thought to be boring, but that is the point you look up.  The skies are soooo huge and dominant!!

20 minutes?!  I finished the little bag…

With a button fastening and a gingham lining….

I also finished sewing the little hexagons together, but I am stuck now.  How do I do the edge?  Do I make a lot of half hexs and if so how?  Or do I leave the higgledy piggledyness of it and outline it in DC?  Any thoughts?

Today?  A job list as long as your arm!  But that begs lots of little sewing sessions!!!

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4 Responses to Playing.

  1. Lynne says:

    Certainly some interesting shots there.
    I love how you’ve finished off the bag with the gingham, sweet.
    I’m not sure how you would finish off the hexagons. You may have to play around with it. They do look lovely though.
    I like Lincolnshire. Some of my family come from there and I was told one of our ancestors had his portrait in the museum!

  2. lyn says:

    I love the little bag! so cute!

  3. val says:

    Alison, I so love your little bag! Would you consider telling us “how to” – I would love to make one :0)
    Blessings, Val

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