Remember the peep from yesterday?  Well today is the tah-dah!!!!!  It is a little dark for which I am sorry, but I didn’t want to wait for tomorrow to show you this….

A little bag just right for a little hand.  Something big enough to pack things in….

Something that a little hand could swing…

And as I haven’t got a little hand to help me, I have gathered some bits and pieces together – all vintage of course!

A little baby’s hair brush from 50 years ago!

A hanky that went to infant school with me!

And Mickey who had a lot of loving 20 years ago!  But then, every little hand likes something colourful.  Something sweet.  So what better than…..

A big thank you must follow, for without Lucy‘s pattern I would not have come up with a little version.

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6 Responses to Finished!!

  1. val says:

    Hi Alison, I love you little bag, I have made a Lucy bag myself but think your little one is just great – perhaps even Lucy might make one for her little girl! I am a new 20 Minuter but have followed your blog for a few months – it is so encouraging.
    Blessings, Val

  2. Love the colours. Beautiful!

  3. MiA says:

    Your attic24 bag is sooo cute!

  4. Lynne says:

    It’s a lovely little bag.
    Have a good weekend Alison.

  5. Wipso says:

    Hi, I’m just popping round to the other members of the 20 minuters to give them the opportunity to join in the Gift draw in our blog shop. It is partly down to the encouragement of MarmaladeRose that I am still really enjoying doing my 20 minutes of crafting every day and this is stocking the shelves in our shop. I hope you will pop over and join in the fun. The draw will be made on Mon 22nd Feb so this is the last week. If you choose to join in Good Luck. 🙂
    Many thanks,
    A x

  6. Wipso says:

    Thanks for dropping in to our shop and for putting the link on your blog. Your name is now in the Draw. Good luck.
    A x

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