Busy, busy!!

Boy what a busy weekend!  Friday, apart from going to work – as you do!- I spent cooking and getting things ready.  We are hoping to go back to Israel next year and take some friends and family with us.  Friday evening was an information and come and see evening.  The computer broke, so this meant we couldn’t show all of the pictures!  Arghhhhh!!  The itinerary had to be changed at last minute because of flights and I think this will mean that some of those who wanted to go will now be unable to go!!   Another arghhhh!!  But we enjoyed the evening on the whole – I think!  For those who haven’t read about my visit to Israel click on archives and look at May 2009.  For a trip I didn’t want to go on, it turned out to be amazing!!  God really blessed me and set me up to cope with what turned out to be a difficult year.  So I will just have to trust Him to speak to those He wants to go.

Saturday saw me getting my new glasses which work this time!!  I can see.  Gone is the cellotape that was holding the side on!  Gone is the blurry vision which my first pair of new glasses left me with!  I now have a stylish purple pair!  Yes, purple!  Muted of course!  With glasses in place, I started one of the 20 minuter sessions……. which ran into another session…….. which ran into another!!!  Do you get the picture? Of course you do.  You’ve been there and got the T shirt!!  So what did I do…..

a little bit of hooky…

I finished the last few hexagons for the cushion, but I’m not sure the balance is right. So this is now on my table for a ‘thinking’ period.  Just like my smile bag has been lying there inviting me to pick it up, contemplate and then put it down.  The up shot of the contemplation is a few adjustments involving a piece of ribbon, and some embroidery floss. (I like the term floss – new to me – it means light and fluffy, where thread is heavy and dull!).  So my little bag has some additions…

a ribbon pull, some herringbone to soften the seam and a word.  Smile!  Because that’s what I do when I look at it!

Then a project which invloved both hooking and sewing…..

two little brooches, with brooch backs…

And then lastly but not least some colour bands.  Some bands in the style of Attic 24.   But I’m not letting on what it is going to be – yet!

In between all this hive of industry, was a lively church service with a visiting speaker – Jeff Lucas – and a trip to the village pub for quiz night!  One productive weekend!  I hope you all enjoyed your weekends!

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3 Responses to Busy, busy!!

  1. Tallis says:

    LOving your colour mixes in both crochet project, fab work 🙂

  2. Lynne says:

    Sounds like a great weekend with lots achieved. I’m looking forward to seeing your hexagon cushion completed. It looks so pretty. Pretty too are the flower brooches. Talking of which, I’ve now put my star brooch on my hat, which I’m wearing every day as it’s so cold here. It looks fab! I think the additions to your bag worked well.
    It sounds as though you are going to be very busy with the visit next year, lots to organise.
    Hope this weekend is just as fruitful for you.

  3. vanessa says:

    Love the colours in your bag, and your flowers, so lovely! Love Vanessa xxx

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