Catching up!

This last week seems to have been a time for catching up.  We have been catching up with jobs at work.  Making sure that all the stock is in its relevant place. Moving stuff around in the stock room and unearthing things that need to be sold like yesterday!!!  Restoring order to the chaos, that isn’t really a chaos just appears to be so!  Now you know how much I like to have things in order!!

I have been catching up with friends I haven’t seen for a while.  For example today I have spent the very wet afternoon wandering around Patchings.  Looking at all the beautiful arts and crafts on display.  Thinking if only I could find a style and a medium that I could develop a personal link with and call my own…….  There are so many things I want to try but don’t have the know how to actually do!  Boo hoo!   So instead we had a good old chin wag over a cappuccino, which was sooooooo creamy, and a piece of carrot cake.  Oh bliss!  We really caught up on each others families and realised that we were ok and life was going along in the right direction.  Yes a good catch up!

I have also been catching up on my bloggy friends too!  Reading what you have all been doing.  Ooooooing and aaaahing over the fantastic pieces you have all been making.  Wishing people Happy Blogaversary!!!  Entering give aways and hoping.  I do like my webby world!

Then I have been catching up with house group friends from church and catching up on bible quiet times.  Finding inspiration and ‘nudgings’…. you know, the moments when someone is saying “Go on. Try it.  Go on. Give it a go!”  So you do and you sit there and wonder and think and then doodle until you finally come out with this…..

The fruits of the Spirit.  Could it be paper, or fabric?  Could it be the feelings that each word evokes?  Well it’s a start. A start that I will take to the next stage.  One to go in the bigger sketch book, I think.

But in between times I have had 20 minute catch ups.  Hooky ones.  White ones.  Green ones.  Ones that go together and can nearly shout it’s done!  Here we are….

Just 10 more little hexagons to do and then a border.  A narrow border.  Probably in green.  Oh yes then a backing and a cushion pad.  It will really look nice on my guest bed with the throw.  So keep a watch out for a ta-dah, hopefully in the near future!

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1 Response to Catching up!

  1. Lynne says:

    The hexagons are really coming on. It will make a super cushion.

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