The Library.

I love to go to our library.  It is a newish building, purposely built to accommodate all the needs of our little town and is named after our local apple.  The Bramley Centre.  You can have a coffee, browse through the papers and some magazines, go on the internet, take part in story times, poetry evenings, and writing workshops, and of course choose some books.  And this time there were some new beauties to smile at sitting on  the craft and hobbies stand.  These little beauties…

and three of them will be on my amazon wish list…

I just love the flowers on the front cover of this one.

And I have always wanted to have a go at wet felting.  I have tried dry felting to varying degrees of success, but this little lovely inside this book has really beckoned to me, so I shall be trying this technique before too long!

But it was this book where I lingered last night…

I was fascinated by the projects and the colours played a big part – I’m rather partial to peacock blues and purples….

and I just love candles!  So I fetched some cord and beads and set myself up to try.  To persevere.  To give it a go.  Just for 20 minutes or so!

I did it!!!  Just a small bit.  But it worked!!!

Can you see the knots?  The little crossovers?  Just between the beads, a little shaky, but they are there.  I’m really chuffed and will certainly be doing some more.

Someone else has been doing the odd 20 minutes too!   Mr A has been having a go with a kit I bought him for Christmas and I think he is doing alright!  In fact he is doing more than alright!!

Something else which are coming on in leaps and bounds – these little blossoms….

inside and out…

This last photo, of the blooms under the hedge, is to say thank you  for all your comments and your encouragement.  I’m enjoying being part of the 20 minuters!!

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6 Responses to The Library.

  1. Julie says:

    I love going to the library and finding new craft books. It is one of my favourite things. Our library was closed for refurbishment recently and I didn’t know what to do. It looks as if you have a nice collection of books there. The Knitted Toy Tales looks interesting. I went on a wet felting course last year and had a felting book for Christmas so I am hoping to do a bit of felting soon.

  2. fairyglade says:

    I wish I had a library like yours, ours is very old fashioned and so are most of the books sadly! As for my craft cupboard, well I have to wedge the door shut. The problem is that it is in our garden room which at this time of year is absolutely perishing cold. So, the thought of spending more than a minute or two out there is actually unthinkable at the moment. That’s my excuse anyway and I am firmly sticking with it until April at least! Dev x

  3. Julie says:

    I’ve ordered the Knitted Toy Rales from my library now.

  4. Twiglet says:

    I used to do macrame in the 70’s – made a wall hanging as part of my college work! Such a nice thing to do in miniature – love the little sample.

  5. I’ve never heard of micro macrame before. My dad used to do macrame years ago, it might be something for him to try. He’s doing hardanger embroidery at the moment.

  6. Lynne says:

    The 20 minutes a day certainly seems to be working for you. It’s done wonders for me. Nice that Mr A. has joined in.
    I love librarys and books, just wish there was one here, in English. In fact I don’t know where there is one. I was a regular visitor to ours in Sweden. They had a good selection of English novels. Can you believe that? It satisfied my need to read. And their sewing section was okay too. As long as the photos and diagrams are good then it’s not too bad that they were written in Swedish.
    Be interesting to see what you make with the macrame. I did some many years ago and really enjoyed it. It’s good to see the craft updated.
    I love spring flowers, we need a bit of colour at this time of year..

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