Yes I have been at it again – sorting!  Having sorted the little bedroom to give me an area to craft in, I have now been sorting through all my craft stuff.  The paper and card is neatly stacked, with ‘pretties’ together and ‘plainies’ separate.  My paints and pastels are all on the trolley.  Fabric and glass paints are no longer mixed up.  And all the embellishments? – well…..

five yellow baskets are now full of glitter, stickies, cutters,and card fronts…..

four more are full of all my beads and ribbons….

I even spent 20 minutes ironing and sorting all the ribbons(!) before I packed them all away in my bit box….

And yes, that is a flower loom on the top!  It came as a free gift with Golden Hands when I was about 10 – many moons ago!  So if the ribbons took me 20 minutes have I crafted for 20 minutes?  You bet!  More of the cushion cover, but as you can see it is growing….

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7 Responses to Sorted!

  1. Lynne says:

    Hi Alison, Lovely to catch up with you. You have been busy!
    I love your crochet cushion, the colours work really well together, and what an achievement your ripple blanket is, the fringing looks lovely on it.
    You must be feeling good about sorting some space for yourself, and I did like spotting my card on your wall! The social evening sounds good and well done for raising all that money.
    Enjoy your weekend. The 20 minutes a day helps doesn’t it?

  2. del says:

    I so need to organize like you have. Everything looks so nice and neat!

  3. Tallis says:

    I need you to come to my house and sort out my craft stuff. My OH has given up finding the kitchen!

    The cushion cover is coming on a treat – fab work

  4. Please come and tidy my stuff, pleeeeease. I can pay you generously in tea and cake.

  5. Mr A says:

    She’s not allowed cake. lol

  6. alisonb2 says:

    Who says!!!!!

  7. val says:

    Hi Alison,
    I’m crocheting hexagons at the moment too – I’m not sure how to join the “flowers” up into a blanket – just addicted to making them!
    I find your blog to be a lovely source of inspiration and interest, I will keep popping in!

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