20 Minutes!

Oh I do like this challenge, crafting for at least 20 minutes!  When I come to the end of a housework job I stop and think now what?  Have I time?  It is only 20 minutes.  Yes go on.  It is ooonly 20 minutes!!  You can fit that in!  And I do!  The hoover stops where it is, poised ready to start again, while I sit down and craft!  A brilliant idea!   Thank you marmaladerose for introducing it!  So what have I been doing.

Well first on my list was to finish my ripple blanket.  One or two more rows and I had to think of how to finish it off.  Edging or fringing.

I couldn’t think how to edge it satisfactorily, so I used a whole ball and added a fringe….

Not on the zigzags, but on the sides.  Yes I like it.  I like the way it hangs down the sides of the bed….

Neatly folded at the foot or spread wide for all to see…

Mum would have loved it!  What a great sense of achievement!  Yes! YES!

So now what? Hoovering?  Well a little, before I sit and relax before the telly!  Sketch book in one hand and pens and pencils in the other.  Doodle time!  Ideas for some cards.  One hour later…. yes one hour later… oops I thought I was crafting for 20 minutes(!)… I had six card designs and an idea for something else.

(Sorry it’s a bit dark).  The idea?  Oh yes, it is something for the Sun Shine School so what better than a sunshine!  Sssooo Saturday afternoon saw me trying some embrodery.  Not as complicated as Aneela’s but I love her little people and had to try the technique for myself.  And oooh I did enjoy it!

Not bad for a first attempt and yes it did take me more than 20 minutes!  Now to decide what to do with it and plan out my next 20 minute session.  Well I spent another session with my sketch book and came up with this page…

Decisions.  Which do I try?  Pouch? Gusset bag? Or drawstring?  Do I want to tackle a zip?  What do you think?

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7 Responses to 20 Minutes!

  1. felicity says:

    Hi Alison
    Thank you so much for all your lovely comments and emails, and my birthday card it came as such a surprise, it was so nice of you to think of me!
    what a tough few months we’ve both had! I hope this year is better, I love your ripple blanket, you said your mum would be proud did you think of her as you crocheted? I often think of my nan when i crochet and then i find my memories get tangled into the blanket making it extra special! hope you have a lovely week, lots of twenty mins! I try and do at least one row every evening!
    take care, fliss xxx

  2. Wanda says:

    I like the fringe on your ripple blanket. I think it is a perfect finish, and fun to run your fingers trough. I like your little yellow embroidery too. I don’t think anything will hold you back now.

    The 20 minute plan sounds good. And as many times a day as you can work it in!

  3. aneela says:

    Love your piece of stitchy sunshine!! Makes me smile just looking at it!
    Make a pouch make a pouch make a pouch!!!!!!
    (and if you need any more persuading, there’s a tutorial on my blog!!).

  4. Zip up bag! Your sketch book looks like mine, I really find it useful. Basically because I have a memory like a sieve!
    That ripple blanket is beautiful, it must have taken you ages to do all the fringing. It looks really great. Gosh, just think what you can achieve in a year if you done this much so far.

  5. del says:

    Found you from the 20 Minuters and I love how productive you’ve been! Puts me to shame.

    The ripple blanket is stunning.

  6. Julie says:

    Zippered pouch – I made one for the first time myself yesterday and I am very proud of it. I like the sunshines.

  7. neet says:

    There you are!!

    I love your ripple blanket being used across the bottom of the bed. I really, really want to do one for my bed, but I am worried that rippling a ‘superking’ width (plus drop) might send me a tad bonkers!

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