It’s growing!

Well I have been moving things!  Changing things round. The room now has two definite ends!!  I’m gradually sorting through things and the book case is wholly mine!  Books have their place….

with labels on files and boxes for magazines.  Baskets of wool sit on top and over flow into some of the black boxes beneath.  Paper crafting materials fill other boxes, while knitting needles and hooks are more or less sorted into jars!!  Hmmmm…. more or less!!

But the main reason for doing this change around was to free up my table.  Make it easier to sit and sew.  Make it easier to cut and stick.  Well now, it is underneath the window.  The light can flood in and highlight the things I need to see.

The collection on the window sill will grow and develop, like my wall space.  I have left this as it is, – an on going piece of thinking!  I add pictures and things as the mood takes me.  And I rather like the way it is growing….

the way it is building….

It still is a new area.  A bit precise.  But at least I have an area I can grow into, to develop with, to turn into me.  We are on our way, my area and me!!


About alisonb2

A Christian Mum who crafts
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