A prod and a push!

The snow is under foot and the sun is shining.  I have just made some soup for lunch with some stock from the freezer and it is bubbling away gently to itself, so I thought I would spend a moment explaining my musings from Christmas.  It all started with the coffee morning for the Sunshine School.  A friend made me some mince pies (mine are a bit hit and miss!), coffee machines were giving out their delicious aroma, the fire was blazing happily, and the house looked and felt really cosy.  People came and went and I made the grand sum of £320!  I was over the moon!  Really chuffed!  Most of the things that I had spent time making had disappeared and those that had lingered have since found new homes.  Repeat the idea?  Oh yes!  In fact I have decided to spend 6 months making things for a summer event and 6 months for a winter event.  Then I came across an article in Country Living outlining Liv Goodwin’s open house at Christmas.  What  a brilliant idea!  That’s it! A winter evening event!  An open house, well sort of, not on the same scale, but an evening of socialising!   Serious thought and planning are needed.  Somewhere is required for me!  A place for me time!  A place I can leave messy if I so wish! A place to sit and sew and craft.   A corner! What about half a room!  OOOOERRRRR!  I already have most of my craft stuff to hand in the spare bedroom, but as the computer is in there too it is often out of action in an evening because Mr A is in there.  I don’t mind this.  He needs to relax too!  So rearrangement of the room is on the cards. A ‘my’ end and a ‘his’ end!  Once again Country Living spurred me into thoughts with three articles.  A room of one’s own, Craft room, and All sewn up.  Plus a book I spied on Amazon.  Where Women Create by Jo Packham.  A huge hint taken up by Mr A and the book was mine for Christmas!

OOhh I love this book!  It is full of ideas.  I am not a fussy lady, but I do like things just so, and there are ideas galore in here to adapt for my little space.  Well my half a room!   Boxes and drawers.  Tubs and tins.  Hooks and hangers.  Yes lots to adapt.

Colour, colour and more colour jumped out of the pages.

And now I am sorting and clearing and putting things together.  So thank you Country Living for that initial prod, and thank you Mr A for the book!  OOOhhhh the soup!!

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2 Responses to A prod and a push!

  1. Jo Packham says:

    Thank you for your nice comments about WHERE WOMEN CREATE. If you love the book you will really love the magazine – WHERE WOMEN CREATE. It hits the news stands November, February, May, and August 1st. You can buy it at all of the major bookstores and all of the craft and fabric stores.

    Good luck and have fun with all of your new ideas!

  2. Wanda says:

    I have seen that book advertised too. I have an older book with similar ideas but I may have to look at this one again. I have the Studio magazines and they have good ideas too. Keeping it all organized is the only way to be able to just create when you want to.

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