I’m waiting.  Yes waiting for things to happen!  And in my waiting I’m getting excited!  Excited that we are going away for a few days rest.  Excited that we are going to somewhere new.  Somewhere to explore.  Somewhere to breathe and unwind.  Somewhere quiet that we can rest feeling safe in God’s arms.  And they are huge arms that wrap around you, gathering up all those things that have been on your mind and helping you to unravel them.  Imagine a huge basket of wools that a kitten has been having a lot of fun in!!  You’ve got the picture!  Each colour has to be carefully eased out from the tangle and wound up into a neat ball.  At the end of the exercise you end up with a rainbow of colours.  All harmonising with each other.  From there you can go on to make the most beautiful textile, pattern, or fabric.  Something that you can treasure.  So I’m excited that I will discover and rediscover some treasures.  Things, thoughts and scenes.   OOOOOoooooo I can’t wait!!!

Other people are waiting too!  Ladies who said hello!  Well your little parcels are nearly ready and will soon be on their way!  But to brighten your day  I give you this….  I’ve been waiting for five days for the tight buds to open… For the big showy flowers to bloom… For the vibrant orange to glare out at me… But they don’t glare, they are really quite gentle…


The waiting game is over and what a surprise!!

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3 Responses to Waiting!

  1. Lynne says:

    Hi Alison,
    You sound excited. I do hope you enjoy your trip away and that you find your treasures and rainbow.
    The flowers are lovely.

  2. felicity says:

    Hi Alison
    ive just sent you an email to say a really big thank you for my parcel, i love your crochet and the vintage items, ive just made a cup of tea and am going to sit and swoon over the vintage patterns, and i love old coloured knitting needles,and im so touched with your mums pattern, i’ve never been given such a thoughtful present that is so me before! i hope you have a lovely time away and get some much needed rest!’see’ you soon, fliss xxxxxx

  3. Lynne says:

    Hi Alison,
    Thank you so much for the parcel of goodies that arrived today. What a surprise and a delight. So thoughtful of you.
    Hope you are unwinding slowly and come back refreshed.
    Lynne x

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