Chick, Chick, Chicken..

Well I have had a go.  I didn’t have the pattern with me as Mr A was on the computer(!), so all I had to go on were the pictures in my memory.  And it isn’t bad.  Not bad at all!  What am I talking about?  Oh sorry, I have made a birdie.  A birdie to hang around.  Lucy at attic24 has been making them and given everyone the pattern – thank you Lucy – but as I said I didn’t have the pattern, so this is my take on a birdie.  I chose to make a clucking chicken…..


two little dangly legs….


a fanned out tail….


the cocks comb head….


with a little flower – all complete…


to hang around on my kitchen door.  She should be scratching really!!!


PS Don’t forget the give away.  Just say hello!


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5 Responses to Chick, Chick, Chicken..

  1. Lucy@attic24 says:

    Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your chickie is soooooo cute!!!!!
    I love the way you made her comb and dangly bit under her chin…how clever!!
    Do you post in Flickr Alison, cos this is soo lovely it’d be great to share it. I know someone else commented yesterday and was after making a chicken……ahhh I do really love it!

    Hope all is well, it’s been a while since i’ve popped on over to your patch..gonna have a little whizz through your posts now.
    have a great day

  2. Lucy@attic24 says:

    Oh me again…… say I’ve just been over at Flickr and realised you’ve already posted your chickie there…am SO glad, thankyou!!!!!!!!

  3. clare bower says:

    That is such a cute chook to hang around , love it !

  4. felicity says:

    oh i love it, im thinking of making some robins ready for christmas, im really pleased you saved two cups! ive just been staying at my mother in laws and whilst looking for a jug i found part of a little tea set, white china with little pink roses which my mil let be keep! he he, my husband despairs! fliss xx

  5. Lynne says:

    This is a great interpretaion of Lucy’s.

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