Yes I have been tinkering.  Trying to find a new format for my blog. And after trying several I have stopped on this one for the moment.  That’s right just for the moment!  It may change.  It may be tweaked.  I just don’t know yet.  It is a year since I started my blog.  A whole 100 posts.  So I thought it is time to move on and try something new for the coming year.  I want to make some mosaics.  Some montages.  I want to be more creative in the way I write my blog.  Whether I will  is another thing, but I want to give it a go!  I therefore need a broader panel to write in and hence the reason for my tweaking.  After much searching I have settled on this one.  I’m not clever enough to design my own – yet!!!! – so I have had to rely on a template.  A pattern.  Some instructions.  Just like learning a new craft.  And once I have mastered this new craft I can develop it.  So with that I give you the new alisonb2’s weblog.  I hope you will stay with me and help me learn!

Now I did say I have come to the end of my first year in blog land and I feel this  deserves some form of marking.  I should have made a cake and put a candle on it, but it has been a bit hectic here of late so that hasn’t happened.  Neither have I made a card or thrown a party!!  But I can do a give away – if you would like to take part.  A present to wing its way across to your door.  Bows and paper and goodies inside!  Something from little old me to say thank you for dropping by.  Thank you for saying hello and giving me a boost when things have been difficult. ( And boy they have been difficult at times!)  Thank you for being out there in blog land!  I will leave this available for a week, so if you want to take part say hello!



About alisonb2

A Christian Mum who crafts
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1 Response to Tinkering!

  1. Lynne says:

    I like this new format. I plan to change mine when I have some time to spend on it. It needs updating. I have also set up a new email to add to my blog and also to use for flickr to create more mosaics. I’ll get there eventually. It is so easy for time to fly when using the computer don’t you think? It eats it up.

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