Flowers and a rainbow.

Flowers can bring lots of messages.  They can say ‘I love you’


and show how much you care.  They can say ‘I’m sorry’


and be a peace offering.  But for whatever message they bring they will always make you smile, especially next to a cheeky duck!!  Can you see his grin?  This little fellow sits in my hall and grins at me when I leave the house, or come in, when I tread wearily up the stairs at bedtime, or skip (ha ha!) down them first thing in the morning!  No matter what, he is always there…grinning!  I bought the flowers a week ago and they are still shining.  I chose them because of this….


Dad painted this picture for Mum and it hung in  their bedroom.  Now it is waiting to go up in mine.  A bouquet of happiness!!  Other flowers have been squeezing into my cupboards too.  Like this…


and this…


Delicate patterns that are pretty, but hopeless for keeping a hot cup of tea hot!!!   Still, little treasures.

I have been continuing the green and white theme with my little Granny flowers.


It is growing, but very slowly because of these other little goodies…


Hair bobbles adapted from Lucy of Attic24’s flower pattern.


Birthday cards for adults and children…


All neatly packaged in their cellophane bags ready for the Sun Shine School fund raise.

The needles have been clinking too…


Rainbow Babies, pattern courtesy of Jean Greenhowe.  I love their little bobble hats…


(sorry about the hand shake!!!)  Then finally my first Christmas card design for this year.  One with a message…


‘Light and life to all he brings.’

Happy crafting!

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A Christian Mum who crafts
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2 Responses to Flowers and a rainbow.

  1. Lynne says:

    Aren’t flowers wonderful? That’s a really lovely painting that your Dad painted for your Mum, what a treasure.
    You really have been busy, it’s great seeing all your crafty goodness.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. vanessa says:

    What a wonderful flower painting by your Dad, what a treasure, I love it. And that China, especially in the second photo, to die for! I agree, it doesn’t keep things warm for long, but it’s so beautiful isn’t it? Your crochet looks fab, and the rainbow babies, so sweet! Love Vanessa xxx

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