It has been sitting in the corner of the lounge for the past four weeks amidst a jumble of wools, needles, hooks and patterns, but I turned my back on them all.  No, I couldn’t pick them up.  Not yet. For there was no comfort in their bright colours.  I knew there would be soon, but not yet.

Well the soon came yesterday.  I had a sorting out day.  An integrating day.  A day to stroke and hug and say thank you.  Thank you for all the gems.  The patterns, the kits, the completed pictures and cards.  A day to combine my craft stuff with Mum’s craft stuff.  So I cleared the shelves and threw out the rubbish and carefully stacked the boxes, the tins, and the baskets.  Boy did it feel good!  I sat and looked at it and smiled.  And then the moment came.  I needed something to hug.  Something to feel warm in.  Something to connect with, to sit and hold.  So I sorted the wools.  I folded the materials, and there at the bottom it beckoned.  My attic24 bag.


The smilie flower on the side.  The handles criss crossed on top.


The balls of wool saying gently “Pick me. pick me”.


So I did.  I pulled it out and hugged it.  Crumpled it.  Made it cosy.


And then I began.  In, out, round a bout and through.  Oh was it therapeutic!  I lingered and counted and hugged and completed my first row of gentle ripples.


This morning I laid it out, smiled and remembered.  Mum loved this creation, my ripple blanket. So I will finish it and then curl up with it to remember all those happy times. Wrapped in my ripple!


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One Response to Beckoning!

  1. felicity says:

    its a lovely way to help you remember each ripple catching thoughts and feelings, and the warm cosiness of the blanket just like a big cuddle! fliss xx

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