Treasure.  What comes to mind when you think of treasure?  A big chest with a rounded lid raised revealing pearls, diamonds, gold?  Or a small jewelry box full of trinkets carefully bought over several years by little hands?  Or is it nothing material, but all the memories stored away to be brought out into the open when someone says “Do you remember when…….”?  Over the last two weeks we have shared many of these “Remember when” treasures.  Holidays spent in the sand dunes, driving to those far flung corners of the British Isles, family birthdays, get togethers, quiet days sitting at home in companionable silence hooking and sewing………. and that brings me to the treasure boxes left to me by Mum.  I know it is going to rekindle a craft that I enjoyed many moons ago, but like so many things was left to try something new.  Want to know what it is?  well let me show you the boxes first.


Five of them all neatly stacked.  They started life as trays of Ferarro Roches, loving munched at family Christmases.  Those little bundles of gold..mmmmmm…..!!!  But now, look….


a tray of ruby reds, scarlets, pinks reminding me of poppies, roses, sunsets.  But wait….


yellows, golds, oranges, sunflowers, daffodils.  But these beauties need leaves….


moss green, dark green, bright green, all greens!  Oh and don’t forget we need the highlights….


You have missed one I hear you call.  You have missed a colour way.  No, I have saved the best for last!


It is full of my favourite colours.  Blues, lilacs, mauves and the deep deep purple that is me! Waiting ready for me to cross stitch the pansies, irises and everything purple.  For that is what Mum loved to do – cross stitch.  We have sat many hours cross stitching together. Up and down, over and under.  Very methodically building a leaf or a petal.  I know I will again.  Not yet, but soon.  First I want to linger with my treasures and stare at the picture I have on my inspiration wall, carefully cut from a magazine.  The one I take an imaginery walk in everyday.  The one I dream of sitting in, dipping my toes in the cool pools. The one that is full of blue.  The one I say to myself “Remember when….”


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A Christian Mum who crafts
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1 Response to Treasures.

  1. Carol B. says:

    Treasures indeed!

    I was recently given a large box of needlework supplies by an elderly friend who was downsizing, I spent many hours fondling and sorting the threads.

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