Mellow Yellow!

Have you ever played it?  See a yellow car and then SPLAT!  No?  The first time we ever played, or saw it being played, was in my son’s car.  Every time you see a yellow car you gently nudge the other person or say SPLAT!  Well that was us yesterday coming back up the M40.  ‘A’ started it!  ‘Oh I didn’t know we were playing!!’  ‘That’s the fun part!  Te-he!’  Needless to say  we didn’t see another one until I spotted a digger in the road works and was promptly told that didn’t count!!!!!  Anyway it made us laugh!

And that got me thinking about yellow.  You have to smile when you see yellow.  You have to grin.  It is such a bright and sunny colour, it is bound to lift your spirits.  So here are some archives of all things yellow!


Smiles above in the hanging basket.


A cheddar grin from Henry.


A little plate of sunshine.


There were 6 in the bed and the yellow one said….


A cosy pot of tea for two.


The Mother’s day bouquet.


And a lapel of brightness.

So why did they say in the song, ‘They call me mellow yellow’!!!!

About alisonb2

A Christian Mum who crafts
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