Once a week.

At the moment I am only managing to blog once a week.  It isn’t that I only want to do it once a week.  No, no, no, no!!!!  I love saying hello and showing you what I have been up to!  No, needs must at the present I’m afraid, but in between time I am trying to craft and crochet is still craft of the moment!!

So, what have I been up to!  Mum decided to have a go at an amigurumi character.  She managed to make the shell of her little friend before being too tired to finish him.  So I came to the rescue and he now sits on her bedside table with his happy grin!  So as Lucy from attic24 would say ‘ta-daaaaaa’!!!


He has been in the undergrowth!


Attaching flowers to his shell!


Peeping over his shoulder….


with a big cheesy grin!!   Well he makes my Mum smile which is all that matters.

And Squiddley Duddley will make some one else guffaw!!!!


But more from him next week!

About alisonb2

A Christian Mum who crafts
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2 Responses to Once a week.

  1. felicity says:

    oh he’s so cute!!!

  2. Lucy@attic24 says:

    oh that little fella is indeed super-cute, I lve the little flower on his bottom!!
    I’ve not yet tried the amigirumi crochet thingy, must give that a go sometime I’m sure my little people would love a cute character to come off my hook for them.

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