The Sunshine School Craft Shop is now officially open and I had my first sale last weekend.  It was CMJ’s annual conference and I had a little corner of their bookstall to say ‘hello’! Just a  peek!  Just a small wave!  Want to see?


The bright colourful logo – thank you electric weekend!- caught people’s eye and they did stop to look!

They liked the cards. I took 10 packs and sold 8.


3 out of the 4 individual cards said farewell!


and a Billy Blankey and a mouse went off to new homes. 6 little hair grips also slipped into handbags to be given away as treats later,  but my little posies…..


they cried out, “choose me, choose me”, but sadly only one was heard!  The others had to come home with me!  Was it the price?  Was it the colours?  I suspect it was the age of the people.  Lots of Grannies came. Picked them up. Smiled at them.

” Are they hair bobbles?”

“No, brooches like mine”

“Oh, what a pity.  If it had been a hair bobble I would have bought one for my grand daughter.  I don’t think she would wear a brooch.”

So guess what I am making for next time to go a long side my brooches – yes, that’s right. HAIR BOBBLES!!!!!

How much did I make?  £40.50!  Not bad for a first attempt.  What do you think?

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1 Response to BOBBLES!!!!!

  1. felicity says:

    thats really good, your cards look really pretty, felicity xx

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