I’m back!

Wow! Hasn’t it been hot!  Particularly while driving!  My trusty little car doesn’t possess air conditioning so the cold blower has been working over time and the window has been down some of the time.  That is OK except you can’t hear the music, so you turn the radio  up, and then when you stop that is too loud!!!!  You just can’t win!!  My little car has been tootling backwards and forwards, transporting me for some quality time with Mum.  Now I am in a routine I can come and say ‘Hellooooooo!’  So ‘Helloooooo!’  My hooks and needles have been taking a rest.  Just a short rest.  I am sure they will be weaving their magic soon, but at the moment I have needed to concentrate.  To focus.  To snip.  To sew.  To stick.  And pack.  What have I been doing?  I’ll show you….


Something soft and cuddly, something to make you smile…..


Yes you can count two, but if you look closer there are three….


Three little men to hang in the nursery, or sit on the side.  Squishy beans adding to the feel and the weight.  Only a few mind you!



notelets!  You know how much I enjoy making these little packs.  Measuring, sticking, folding…


before packing four individual cards into crisp cellophane bags.

And lastly – at the moment – my flower power posies…


I have a few more goodies to unveil, but I am waiting, waiting for some special packet tops for my Sun Shine Products.  Carefully designed by a brilliant graphic designer – er – my son!  My aim for all these little wonders is to sell them for the Sun Shine School in Jerusalem, with all monies going to help.  I will let you know how my first sale goes, but for now byee!

About alisonb2

A Christian Mum who crafts
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2 Responses to I’m back!

  1. aneela says:

    Alison your blog is truly delicious! I especially love your flower power posies but everything you make looks so magically wow!

  2. val says:

    Ha! I found it Alison :0) silly me not seeing your words Sun Shine School in your categories!!
    I would love to buy a brooch and a blue little man if you are still making and selling?
    love for now,
    Val <

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