Just one more!!

Don’t you just love colour!  Bright blues, sea greens, shocking pinks, zesty lemons.  At the end of last week I sorted out my double knitting wool so that I could continue making my brooches, and over the weekend I got carried away – as you do!  I have been looking at Sarah London’s blog and at her granny squares/hexagons.  It is such a riot of colour. So I started.  Just a little hexagon.  Well one more round!  You know how it starts!!!


A bit more.  Oooo I like that colour.  What next?  Well one more round, of course!


Until yesterday, it looked like this.


Yes,…. errr,…. well,…. it is wavy!  I like the colours, but I am disappointed.  Perhaps the cushion pad will make it right – let’s hope!  Anyway it will make a splash of colour on the seats outside.  A plumped up treat for an aching back!

Then while I was finding the right photo to show you, I spied the photo of the carousel from York.


Look all the colours are there!  I took this photo because it reminds me of Dad.  He loved carousels and fairground organs.  He always cried when they played.  He would have been 90 last Thursday.  So this cushion will remind me of you, Dad.  And somehow I’m not so disappointed!

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1 Response to Just one more!!

  1. aneela says:

    Such a beautiful blog!
    Love the prettily coloured crocheted gnomes and flowers!

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