The Grand Old Duke of..

Yes, we have been to York!  A few days in the sun shine, soaking up the heat (and a little bit of rain!) and relaxing with friends.  We have done this every year for the past 15 years – relaxing with friends that is – visiting different places as long as they are within 2 hours driving time.  It is good to get together for a laugh and a chat and some quality time.  So where did we go…


well into York and a visit to the Minster.  We stood here to watch a noisy, colourful short parade.


The National Railway Museum.  I liked the way the light was catching this very old engine.  Contrast it to the gleaming one beside it.


Then in the Shambles we met this colourful character…


and a window full of smiles!


Put them together and you have my favourite flower, a purple Pansy.


This one is reminds me of Georgia O’Keefe.


At the entrance to our camp site we oooooooooooooed and aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhed over these lovelies.


There must have been 6 or 7 foals.


I’m not really a horsey person, but you have to oooooo and aaaaaahhh, don’t you?!

The relaxation took the form of a magazine…


and lots of hooking…


Flowers in red, and


yellow and green, and




A primary colour spectrum.  Very satisfying!!

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