I have had a few days relaxing at home with my Mum…  some quality time… some me time!  We have been chatting and hooking and sewing, and watching the Chelsea flower show. Dreaming  of beautiful gardens while looking out at a jungle!  If only it would stop raining long enough to dry the grass up so I can cut it!!!!

Flowers and bright colours have featured a lot.  The six little gnomes have been delivered to six little people.  Tiny hands clutching tiny bodies and having a cuddle.  I even spied one of the Mums stroking the yellow one while cuddling her little bundle of joy!  Shhhh!  Your secret is safe with me!! and you, of course!  But you want to see some pictures of the highs.


Close ups of long standing favourites.


Unusual seed heads.  Interspersed with fun and laughter from Joe and Alan!


Methodical rippling.  Watching the hook going in and out.  Very therapeutic!  I am about half way now.


Browsing and oohing and ahhing at the beautiful things inside. Flowers again!


I have sooO many ideas for No.4, but sooO little time to make them happen at the moment,  But I will!


I just love these storage boxes.


Like I love these buttons.  I have been looking for these for ages.  Sadly Mr Heath didn’t have a full range, but I will keep my eyes open when we visit York soon!

Then Lucy of Attic24 said ‘Yes’!!  I was thrilled when she agreed to my using her posy pattern for a very important project.  One that is close to my heart at the moment.  (More of that later).  So last night I started..


and finished up with 18 tiny little florets!  Thank you Lucy, you are a gem!

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1 Response to Relaxing!

  1. Melly says:

    Sounds like bliss!!! I am just completely in love with your ripple blanket – yummo!!! I hope you can keep resting and enjoying – the garden can wait!! (mine has been waiting for 4 years now!!!)

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