Catching breath!!

That’s the only thing when you have been away, it is difficult to find the time to catch your breath when there is washing and ironing, cleaning and dusting, sorting and tidying to be done!   It is now a week since we arrived home and I am still washing and ironing, cleaning and dusting, sorting and tidying!!  Trying to make the time to sit and craft has been  – well – impossible!  So what have I been doing in my spare time? LOL!!  Sunday I walked around the garden.  Another area for me to sort and tidy – but no. Look…


The Jacobs Ladder has appeared.  I love the little droplets.


The Piris is just as delicate…


and the white Clematis is full of blossom..


Four pots of green…


a hosta..




a fern and geraniums beginning to grow.

A change of colour..


a pink Hebe and then..


purple Borage and Rosemary too..


And I have no idea what I planted in this pot, but it is very unusual!


The crafting?  Well my 86 year old Mum has been knitting and hooking on my behalf.  A duck..


and two little chicks for my Easter box.


Thank you Mum!

About alisonb2

A Christian Mum who crafts
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