High Tea.

I have been trying to make a tea cosy a month for this year’s challenge and I never thought a tea cosy would present itself in Jerusalem, but it did!!  My host took me and several other ladies out for High Tea.  Where do you go for High Tea in Jerusalem?  Well to the Olde English Tea Shoppe of course!!!  Yes I jest not, there really is an English Tea Shop!  A tea shop with a twist.  It has chandeliers….


Bright aren’t they?! Beautiful silver tea strainers…


Yes, they serve tea made with loose tea.  Trays of tea cups and milk jugs and bowls…


Shame about the sugar packets, but can you see the cake fork?  Then came the tea pot…


with it’s cosy.  It was crocheted – I had a good look – with charming little tassels around the bottom and the top.  But it didn’t have holes for the spout and handle, it had splits and it just plopped on the top of the pot!  Definitely one to make.  The best bit was yet to come.  Remember the cake fork?  I bet you are expecting cucumber sandwiches and cake, well… voila!!


The bottom two tiers are the sandwiches!  Each one a work of art.  Cream cheese rolled in freshly chopped herbs with salmon twirls on top.  Biscuity bases – savoury of course – with shredded vegetables built up like meshes.  Sweet touches with fresh peaches cubed and placed delicately in the centres.   It was amazing!!  Then there were the sweet bites on the top tier.  Little ginger stars, the taste of the fresh ginger was out of this world!  And the scones, served with little tea cups of cream and jam… mmmmmmmm!


And as it came we sang songs.  Anything to do with tea – Tea for two, and I’m a little tea pot, both songs and others, sung with gusto by all twelve of us!! Before we started our treat we also sang our thanks with Shabbat Shalom.   I said it was an English Tea Shop with a twist!!

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