A weekend of play!

I have been looking at my Chatsworth photos and thought I would pick out a few more to show you.  These are of the bases or plinths in the Sculpture Gallery.  Most people were looking at the beautiful figures, but I was on my hands and knees marveling at the way these pieces of stone were put together!!



I bet you can imagine where my thoughts were going!


Quilts, applique, borders!



Repeating patterns, continuous lines, celtic knots!



A whole host of things to make – cards, bookmarks, scarves, broaches, bags, book covers….. the list is endless!  And in lots of different media – knitting, crochet, fabric, tapestry, embroidery, paper!  I have enough for a year to keep me busy at least!  It has rekindled all those design skills I have that have been lying there unused, and I am quite excited!!  Late last night, when I should have been going to bed I printed off several of the images and sat gazing at them.  This is the image that stirred me into thought action!!


Compass points came to mind and also Cathedral Window quilting.  So this is my starting point for a weekend of play!!

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