All smiles!

We had an extra visitor for the Easter break, who has decided to stay a while – his name is Barnaby.  As you can see he came with his ruck sack and little parka so was well prepared for the inclement weather we had here!


However Barnaby did need an addition to his wardrobe so my Easter weekend was spent knitting and watching films!  First to arrive was a hat while we watched Finding Nemo!


Then came a matching jumper during Big! and Wallace and Grommit’s Wrong Trousers and the Shaun the Sheep one!

Doesn’t he look smart!!  Certainly brings a smile to my face!


Something else brought a smile to my face.  These two little books of wonder!!


Filled to the brim  with beautiful photographs and inspiring reads.  I am savouring every page after a Lent without any magazines!

Then on a very overcast Thursday this made me smile too…


my hanging basket!


Look at their sweet little faces!  Smiling away!  Just the way March’s tea cosy is making me smile.  I know it is late!!



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