Getaway 2

Jesus commanded us to love one another and I have seen so much love this week!  Get Away is a holiday at home for the elderly; for those who find it hard to have a break from the normal humdrum of life.  The ‘Team’ have given their all into making three days very special for about 40 guests.  We have been singing, fun-exercising, drinking coffee, eating sumptuous meals and playing Beetle.  We have visited Egypt, Jordan, and Israel without a foot leaving the ground! Generally having fun and giving love to each other through care and attention.  The Team deserve all the praise they are given by the guests!!

My part in this holiday was to provide some of the crafts and these pictures tell some of the story.


Lots of stamping…



and cutting and sticking…


and Hama beading…



and Iris folding.


Then from this to this…


to this…




and finally..


Aren’t they great?!!  The plate bottom right was made by a blind lady.  She enjoyed putting the papier mache on which she could feel wet against dry and the pattern came from a stencil which she could again feel.  She came up with a very ingenious way of putting the border on.  One amazing lady!  Their ages?  Late 70s to early 80s.  Brilliant!!

Each day has finished with a short service or thought for today on the Easter message, showing us the love that God has for us.  I thank everyone at Get Away for the love I have felt.  So I encourage you to go out and share you hidden talents and gain a lot of love!

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  2. What a wonderful blog! Glad I “found” you today. I have started a local knit and crochet group and was wondering if you mind me using your ripple afghan as one of the pictures on our Facebook page. Our email address i and we can also be found under the name Goldsboro Knit & Crochet.

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