Many moons ago I completed and gained my City and Guilds in Soft Furnishings and as part of the course I chose to look at tassels.  You know the kind?  The big and small ornamental ones you find on tie backs and furniture.  I drew them.  Cut pictures out of magazines (we didn’t have digital cameras in the good old days!!!!)  and recorded them in words.  We then had to show our findings on paper.


It was all recorded in a very precise way!!  I am a perfectionist now, but then I was even more so.  There was no room for error at all!!


Note the border and the writing.  Everything labelled correctly!!  Oh boy!! LOL


Now a days the pages in my sketch book are more cluttered and a lot more free. I still draw and record them but not so tightly. Anyway on Saturday the first thing I saw in the House was this beautiful tassel and it rekindled all those fond memories.


Isn’t rich?  All that painstaking care and attention.  The beading and the knotting!  Ahh bliss!  That was what I was going to look for – the tassels.  So here they are….


This one works so well with the curtain fabric,  I love the netting effect over the ball of the tassel.


Again a more sumptuous one.  I like the gold but I think the green one is more me.


This one was pale pink, but the low light levels give it a more mysterious setting.  What about a double one?  Again slightly muted because of the light levels, but still very beautiful.


So what am I going to do with all these photos except sit and drool over their sumptuousness?  Well in the good old days I made a cushion with some very suspect hand quilting on it, following the outline of a tassel.  I’m not sure but I will play about with the images.  So watch this space as they say!!!

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A Christian Mum who crafts
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