Easter is often seen as the more low key celebration of the year.  Christmas is bright, loud and very glittery!  A time to celebrate the birth of Jesus and a time to get the family together!  A time to be joyful and often very over the top.  Easter is a time for relaxing and just chilling out.  But should it be?  Yes, Easter should be thoughtful on Good Friday, but it should be joyful and loud on Easter Day!  For that is the day we acknowledge what Jesus actually did.  He died and then rose to life!  It is a time to celebrate new beginnings!  For in dying He took all of the things that we should be sorry for, and in return gave us forgiveness.  We should be joyful that because of God’s grace we can be free to start again in a new life!

Now I always decorate the house for Christmas in a traditional way – you know in gold, red, and lots of green – but Easter I usually just bring in flowers.  Well this year, prompted by some exciting posts on other blogs about getting ready for Easter, I have decided to start my Easter decorating box!  Over the coming years I shall add to it and build up the collection, but this year I have been busy with my hook and made two of these to start it off.


I shall call them Chuck and Cluck and they have found a home in the hall.


They are ready to greet two very special visitors who are coming tonight.  Dotted around the rooms are some more greetings.  In the bedrooms..


something to nibble, and something to browse.


Henry came out to play in the other bedroom.


And downstairs yet more nibbles!!


So have a thoughtful and relaxing time this Easter, but a very happy and joyful one too!!

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A Christian Mum who crafts
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2 Responses to Easter.

  1. charlie says:

    Those photos are torturing me with those alluring purple and yellow wrapped eggs! How I miss cadbury eggs!

  2. sumea says:

    Your chicks are so sweeet *~* I love the pansy baskets below too.

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