On Saturday I had three things drop through the letter box, well two packages to be precise containing three delights!  The first was a card from my son – I recognised his handwriting, and the other was a package from Amazon.  The first went on the mantel piece for Sunday but the second I couldn’t wait to open.  Inside was ….


I have been trying to find the ripple book at my local library, but they couldn’t help.  They are usually very good at getting me lots of craft books and I have been introduced to most of Jan Eaton’s books in this way.  It was partly the cover that made me decide to buy it and also the fact that I love my ripple blanket which is still growing.  Look at the cover.  It is blue and purple with a hint of green!  So me!!  But the other cover is also me.  Flowers!  I love flowers and I saw this book on Lucy Attic 24.  She had made the most beautiful pansy in yes you’ve guessed it – PURPLE!!  I just had to have the book to make my own.  Oh what joy.  Flowers and flowers and flowers.  Simple ones, intricate ones in all shapes and colours!  But it wasn’t the pansy I made first.  The card for Mother’s day had a beautiful daisy drawn on it and so, thanks to my son, I made a daisy!


The flower head I made straight from the book, and developed my own leaves and stalk.  I added a pin so I can wear it…


and be reminded of those special thanks!!


I was going to put the balls of wool away and get out my ripple, but I couldn’t resist one more peek into my flower heaven.  I just had to make this daffodil to make me smile!


Again I have added my own stalk and leaf.


It brought a lot of joy in the making and I hope it brings a lot of joy in the wearing!


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1 Response to Surprises!

  1. Melly says:

    How sweet are those flowers!!!???? I really HAVE to learn to crochet!! It is one of those things that I am dying to learn but I never seem to find the time. Have fun creating all of that sweetness and thanks so much for your congrats!!!

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