Between or Under?!

Last night I tracked on with my hooking and was rewarded with the complete main piece.  So what is it?  It is another of Lucy’s (Attic 24) bags.  This one is for me to use out and about, so I have adjusted it slightly.


It is taller than my project bag and I have worked a pattern of sorts in the banding.  Can you see the really thin band around the top?  That is a row of double crochet.  I wanted a thin row for my flowers to sit on.  I thought about stitching a chain around the top, but decided against it.  I thought about trebles, but decided against that too!  Then I thought about making the shells in the rainbow wool, but thought that would fight with the flowers.  So the double crochet was given the go ahead and I think it works quite well!!

Now to the flowers…


Sixteen of the little things!  But now I am in a quandary!  Do I put them underneath the shells?


Or do I put them between the shells?


Or do I make some more and put them between each shell?


I am going to find some little pearl buttons to put as their centres.  Something not too heavy.  Finally it will be just the handles to make.  Navy with a thin row of rainbow wool down the middle.  So that is tonight’s crafting sorted, unless I leave the housework and do it now!  Hmmmmmm…!

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1 Response to Between or Under?!

  1. Lucy@Attic24 says:

    oooo thats one fab bag, I love the way you made the bands of coloured stripes…it looks great!

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