Rainbow Days!

It looks as if   it is another dull day here, so what better way to brighten a day than to look at rainbows!  Richard Of York Gained Battle In Vain!  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet!!  That was the saying my Mum taught me, when I was tiny, to remember the order of the colours of the rainbow, and it is the one that I passed on to the children in my classes when teaching!  I used to love teaching the 4 and 5 year olds their colours.  We would have colour days when everyone went dressed in the same colour.  Yes we were all in the same colour but oh so many different hues!  We would paint, stick, and generally get messy in the colour and then eat food of that colour.  (Yes we did wash our hands in between!)  Blue food always made us think.  We didn’t have blue Smarties in those days!!!  Then at the end of term we had a rainbow day, wearing every single colour in the brightest possible hues!  Oh to be teaching in the good old days again!  Haaaaaaaa…….!

But what of the rainbow today?  Well yesterday I bought this to cheer me up after failing to get a quilting foot for my sewing machine.


Fat lines, thin lines, and oh so crisp!


A new book makes you want to smooth it, hug it, write in it in your best possible hand writing.  It sits there on my bedside table waiting for me, but not yet.  I want to show you these.


Aren’t they tiny?  My ‘Bright’ rainbow wool flowers.


Sitting in a row!


Or a group!


With centres sorted from old buttons!


But these are only the first of many.  I shall need many more before I stitch them onto this.


It is growing.  I am about half way there now.


This is where this particular rainbow stops and the deep navy takes over.  When that is done, my little flowers will come into play!

So have a very happy rainbow day!!


About alisonb2

A Christian Mum who crafts
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2 Responses to Rainbow Days!

  1. Melly says:

    What a colourful, fun and chirpy post!!! Just adore those flowers – they are oh so sweet!!! =]

  2. Nessa (Knittingoma) says:

    Alison…your whole site is a treat to scroll through…so colourful and uplifting…and yes God is good giving us so many blessings in life to look at and appreciate….’how awseome is His handiwork’….keep up the good ‘blogging’ …I have bookmarked your site to keep up. God bless.


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