Inside, outside.

We have had a beautiful weekend with the sun shining and the garden really blossoming.  It has been a weekend for being inside and outside.  We have decided to grow some fruit this year.  The rhubarb is well accustomed to our garden and grows a good crop.  The first sticks are nearly ready to pull


and the new sticks are budding underneath the leaves.


I love the crinkles on the brand new leaves!  Look how shiny the stalk is!


Something else that is shiny in the garden are our brand new strawberry pots.  ‘A’ carefully set the plants around the holes and we wait for the plants to fill out.  We are told that the first lot of flowers need to be taken off so there will probably be no fruit this year!  But we can dreammmmmmm!


It was good to work together in the garden. ‘ A’ gave the lawn its first cut, while I hoed the boarders, which brings me to our last fruit – blackberries.  I have planted one cane but the area for the other one needs digging out, so that will be a nice job for ‘A’ perhaps next weekend!

Inside, the house plants and flowers needed some tender loving care.  The tulips are now at the stage when I need to decide, ‘does it stay or does it go?’  The yellow ones are open fully and at that papery stage, but I can’t take them out yet.  I just love the shapes they make with the pointed leaves.



The conservatory plants are beginning to spring into life.    The room faces north east so gets the early morning sunshine and it is a place I like to take my coffee and relax.


Can you see the tiny new leaves coming?


Phew!  The time came to sit down and relax with a film and my hook and wool.


Oh this was a beautiful flim.  It made me laugh.  It made me cry.  I just love Morgan Freeman.  I love his voice.  I love his stature .  I love the underplay of his lines.  He has a presence that is both elegant and imposing, but truely calming.  And while I watched  I hooked.


It grew and grew,


and then grew some more!


What is it?  Well that would be telling, but I do love this bit!!



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3 Responses to Inside, outside.

  1. A says:

    So I will be digging out space for the blackberries will I. This is news to me (LOL)

  2. A says:

    I’m so pleased that I shall have something to do next weekend! Digging a space for blackberry bushes sounds like a real fun thing to do (LOL)


  3. A says:

    Oops, posted twice there – must have had a(nother) senior moment.

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